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I made this remix of the "I'm Not Yo Daddy, I'm Yo Grandpa" song from the GEICO commercial, so check this shit out! :D

Click Here Broski

And check out this other stuff I posted recently if ya want :D

The Boogyman

Whole lotta new music! 5 NEW SONGS!

2011-03-09 22:09:13 by UncleSqueezins

Pulse - Progressive, deep, steady and VERY bass-y. A mix between gritty club music and meditative ambiance.

Desires - Very laid back dubstep with a mix of classical/ambient tastes.

Cloudrunner - House/trance song. Makes nice background music. (I'm probably gonna work on this song a bit more)

Genesis - Classical/Dubstep song. Epic strings mixed in with a heavy bass.

Purgatory - Moar Classical/Dubstep. Similar to "Purgatory." This is an older song of mine. I decided to re-upload it. My first attempt at anything dubstep related :P


New Music n' Stuff

2011-02-12 12:21:40 by UncleSqueezins

Well...more like a few WIP's.They're still pretty cool though. So click links and show them some love. They're lonely... :(

Lights (Kinda Tron-like)

Chemical (Electro/Dubstep)

My new song - "Broken"

2010-12-05 23:08:54 by UncleSqueezins

Just made a new song: Broken

Influenced by depression, but I won't get into that.

So check out the song if you're interested and I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback at all is appreciated :)

New song - "Desires"

2010-11-21 14:41:33 by UncleSqueezins

Yep...made a new song: Desires

I know I sound egotistical, but this song is badass. I finally nailed that professional sound! :D So yeah, this song is definitely worth a listen and any comments/criticism is appreciated :)


Here's my Halloween 2010 song, The Haunting. I'm not expecting anyone to use it in a flash since Halloween is tomorrow, but I'm just throwin' it out there just for fun.

Also, check out the demo version of Desperado 3000. It's a Wild West/Electronic song. Its pretty tight if I so say so myself :D

Feel free to check out any of my other recent songs if you want to :P


My Madness Day 2010 Song

2010-09-12 20:57:48 by UncleSqueezins

Just puttin' it out there for anyone who wants to listen:



Even though it's unlikely that anyone is still looking for a song for their Madness Day 2010 flash, I'm just gonna throw it out there just in case :P


Enjoy :)

Here's a preview of the song that I will be submitting into the Madness Day 2010 Audio Contest:


Feedback is appreciated! If you are a Flash Animator and are interested in using the full version of the song for a Madness Day 2010 flash, let me know and I will finish this up ASAP! :)

New dubstep songs :)

2010-08-05 15:40:50 by UncleSqueezins

I just put out a preview for a dubstep song I'm currently working on. You can check that out here: Forbidden

Also, check out my most recent full song, Purgatory. It mixes dubstep and classical music.

I've just gotten into dubstep and I'm enjoying it. Hopefully I can make some dubstep songs in the future that can rank up to some of the dubstep gods here on NG :P

Anyways, hope you enjoy!