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New Dubstep Song: PURGATORY

2010-07-16 16:34:32 by UncleSqueezins


This is my first Dubstep song that I have made and I'm actually quite proud of it! There are more details about the song provided in the link :)

Check it out! :D

Renegade is a classical/electronic piece. It's mainly constructed of epic chords and a kickass bass synth :P It's still a work in progress though...

444 is a Daft Punk-y sounding song (in my opinion). It's very different from typical electronic songs. I don't know how else to describe it, so if you want to know what its like, then have a listen :)

And my entry for the Robot Day 2010 Audio Competition is The Robot Factory. It used factory sounds for the beat and high pitched beeps and bloops to make the melodies. I suggest you check it out. Its pretty awesome if I do say so myself :D

Hope you enjoy!

The Robot Factory

My idea for a flash to go along with the song is in the description of the song page. Hope you enjoy the song!

The Robot Factory

My idea for a flash to go along with the song is in the description of the song page. Hope you enjoy the song!

New Songs

2010-05-23 19:08:43 by UncleSqueezins

Sooooooo...I made some new songs :D

The Darkness Is a dark and heavy classical piece.

Utopia is just all around a REALLY good song. Its a blend of classical and trance mostly. It definitely deserves a listen.

Hope you enjoy! :)

After 8 months of working on and off, I've finally finished my greatest song to date!


I really hope you enjoy this song! I worked extremely hard on it! :D

After about posting my music for about a year and a half, I've finally reached 100 people who have added me as a favorite music artist on Newgrounds! :D

I would like to state the names of all these awesome people, but when I copied and pasted the list, all I could see was a massive wall of unreadable and jumbled up text.

So a VERY special thanks to all who have added me as a favorite music artist and I encourage all who have not listened to my music to take a listen. You won't be disappointed :D

Hopefully I can reach 200 soon :)

Well, heres an update on my newest songs:

Domination is a recreation of my song "Control." Its got heavy bass and a sick melody, so this one is DEFINITELY worth a listen :)

Fading is a short classical piece I put together for a homework assignment. Its not mind blowing, but I find it peaceful and a good, short song to listen to.

I've made a preview of Psychosis which is a fusion of rock and club music. It currently uses FL Slayer for the guitar (which sucks), but I will NOT release the full song until I can record my own guitar playing :D

Hope you guys enjoy! Also, don't forget to vote fairly and write a review! I want to hear your thoughts, guys!


I'm making the Killing Spree VII Soundtrack!

2010-03-14 23:50:37 by UncleSqueezins

Yep, thats right! Believe me or not, Master-Samus has chosen me to create the soundtrack for Killing Spree VII! I'm so excited!

Master-Samus and I have been working on it for about a week already and all I can say is that you guys better be ready for an awesome new episode!

Hope you guys are ready! ;)

(The overall soundtrack is similar to something like this)

Here's a demo version of the newest song that I am working on, Psychosis. It is a fusion of rock and club/dance music.