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I've made a few new songs recently and here they are!

Alone is a peaceful and soothing piano piece. It's good to listen to if you are feeling stressed. :)

At the Gates of Hell is a quick little video game loop that I made in 5 minutes while working a major song of mine.

Fusion is an AMAZING song that mixes a variety of different genres of music that create a work of art. I'm very proud of it as you could probably tell :)

Hope you enjoy! And don't forget to review! I want to hear your thoughts! :)

-Cameron Graybill (Uncle Squeezins)

Alrighty then, I've got some new songs out.

Imperfect Serenity takes the feeling of an ambient song and adds deep and heavy basslines and kicks to add a surreal feeling.

Revival of the Fallen is a song dedicated to all of those in pain and suffering, whether it be emotional or physical.

Hope you take the time to listen to these wonderful songs I created! :)

Also, I've started posting my music on YouTube again! Here is a link to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/cgray794

My channel mainly consists of my music, but I will soon post some other stuff soon. Don't really know what yet, but I'll think of something!

Peace! :)

-Cameron Graybill (UncleSqueezins)

The Goliath is a slow and epic song that was created after the Quadraxis Theme from Metroid Prime 2 inspired me.

Clutch is a club/dance song by me and fishfood2021. (ITS AWESOME!)

Alone is a demo version of a new piano piece I'm working on.

Hope you guys enjoy! :)

I've been making music for almost a year now and I need an icon of some sort. You know, like a picture that would go on the cover of an album or something.

So if anyone could help me out and make me one, I would really appreciate it! I'm not really sure what I want it to look like though, I just want it to look cool :D So you could just show me an example of what you can make and I'll decide if I want to use it or not :) Thanks!

I REALLY need some cover art. I'm starting to get mildly famous with my music on NG and on other sites, and I don't think having a picture of me that I took in my room as my profile picture isn't gonna cut it anymore! :P

So, if you are an artist, send me a PM. I am wanting the artist to be skilled, so let me see some of your work before I let you make me cover art. Thanks!!!

Well, after changing my music artist name about 3 times, I've finally decided what it will be. I'm releasing music under my real name now. It's more professional and it's just make things easier ;)


2009-09-21 20:31:59 by UncleSqueezins

AND IT'S AWESOME!!!!! And my music is in it!!! SO IT HAS TO BE GOOD!!! (lol jk) Seriously though, it's a really good flash and you should check it out!

Just made a song for Madness Day 09'!

Mental Madness

If you want to use it in your Madness Day flash, just ask!

I'm changing my Music Artist name

2009-09-06 14:21:27 by UncleSqueezins

I will no longer produce music under the name of DJ Deimos. I will now be known as The Human Condition :D I think it sounds pretty cool ;)

I reached 20 Audio Portal fans!

2009-08-30 12:21:18 by UncleSqueezins

After submitting songs for a few months now, i finally reached 20 fans! (well, 22 now ;)). Yay!

1. Chocolate-reaper
2. Darkrabbitz
3. EdEYE
4. giftedbuttwisted
5. JekkVorrn
6. jtza8
7. LoveKavi
8. Lumbajack-Joe
9. MasterSparda
10. Mattster
11. mjattie
12. MSterling87
13. Naruto700
14. Nuttro
15. robloxkid6759
16. Roekel
17. sirlantis87
18. SlashByte
19. SoulfireCS
20. TehZorzGuy
21. Typhlanar
22. xXMetaknightXx

Thanks guys! :D