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Sean Kingston-Fire Burning Dance Remix

2009-07-23 20:56:21 by UncleSqueezins

I made a dance remix of Fire Burning by Sean Kingston. Check it out!

I just released a demo of my new song, Illusion. It would fit fit perfectly with an epic scene in a flash movie or game. Check it out!

Doing a collaboration with Gifted But Twisted!

2009-06-23 22:19:42 by UncleSqueezins

Me and the Newgrounds band Gifted But Twisted are doing a collaboration! The final project should be pretty awesome!

I'm currently out of ideas for music so if anyone wants to do a music collab with me, I'd be happy to do it! I use Fl Studio 8 and I use Nexus and Vengeance Essential Cub Sounds vol. 2 for addons :D

My new song Bridge Burner is hardstyle song and is my greatest song so far. And I must say, the buildups are AMAZING! Check it out! ^_^

My new song, The Unknown, has a pretty awesome "flute solo." Check it out!

If so I'm available

I am looking for a group with average to amazing talent. I'm a 14 year old musician but even though I am young, I have a lot of potential. I have been taking professinal music classes since the age of 3. I have made music over a number of genres such as rock, techno, trance, house, and classical. Most of my music is posted here on Newgrounds for your listening pleasure. I hope to become one of the popular music artists today on Newgrounds and I hope that this contest will spread the word about me ;D

~DJ Deimos



2009-05-07 20:09:11 by UncleSqueezins

My next song is going to be using sound effects from the old Pac-Man games. It is definitely going to be one of the better songs that I have made so far. I should be done with it some time next week or shortly after that ^_^


Collabs! ^^

2009-05-01 17:58:27 by UncleSqueezins

Im starting to some song collaborations with Bluefuzion. Im fairly new to making music but i'm sure that we can make a pretty good team! ^^ Check out the demo of our first song, Feeling Alive!